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      Site :Mountains and water   2009/10/25 / Hits:7787  
The Light Purple Cloud Irradiating the Green Mountain 125x65cm
The Famous Xunyang Pipa 35x45cm
The Sky Clears Up When the Fog Fades Away 50x60cm
The Great Wall 60x120cm
The Small Boat Sailing on the Taihu Lake 100x160cm
Gorge Scenery 60x120cm
The Sunshine Shining over the Distant Clouds 100x60cm
The Green Mountain is So Susceptible for the Nature 30x60cm
Green Landscape 120x200cm
Sea of Clouds in Yellow Mountain 50x100cm
The Golden Autumn of Guilin 100x200cm
Sunset Shining over the Nostalgic Mountain 125x62cm
Late Spring of the Nostalgic Mountain 40x70cm
A Lady Fluting with Phoenix Around 35x45cm
A discussion about the Sage beneath A Pine 35x45cm
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