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The Eagle 80x50cm
An Angel in the Snow 60x80cm
The Panda 35x50cm
The Majestic Appearance 40x60cm
The Leisure Carp 30x40cm
The Swan 40x50cm
A Mantis and A Cat 30x45cm
The Squirrel 30x60cm
Pine and Crane 40x70cm
Double Dogs 40x50cm
The Picture of Ten Beauties 40x60cm
Clowder of Cats 40x50cm (2)
The Macaque 30x40
The Horse 60x60cm
The Deer 40x60cm
The Leopard Cat 30x40cm
The Tiger 50x90cm
The Wolf 30x40cm
The Peacock 40x60cm
The Peacock 30x50cm
Nine Carp 80x50cm
The Fairy 40x50cm
The Tiger 50x50cm
The Tiger 32x45cm
The Tiger 30x60cm
The Fox 50x70cm
The Black Swan 40x80cm
The Crane 40x60cm
Two Head of Cattle at the Lotus Pond 40x70cm
Simple and Honest 40x50cm
The Carpet Dog 40x50cm
The Galloping Horse 60x90cm
Mates 40x50cm
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