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The Plum Blossom, Narcissus, Camellia and Magpie in Early Spring 87x48cm
The Bird and Blossom in the Early Spring 40x50cm
The Thrush on Plum Blossom for Celebration 40x50cm
The Parrot on the Plum Blossoms and Bamboo 40x40cm
The Colorful Butterflies over the River Stone 30x40cm
The Everlasting Wealth and Rank 40x50cm
The Hibiscus and the Kingfisher 40x40cm
The Peak of A Hundred Feet 40x50cm
Beyond All Kinds of Flowers 60x150cm
The Bird and Blossom in the Early Spring 40x50cm
Birds Singing and Flowers Radiating Their Fragrance 40x45cm
Poultry at Night 40x80cm
Thriving and Prosperous 80x160cm
Return 40x60cm
Wealth and Peace 50x50cm
Hundreds of Butterflies 60x100cm
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