About Lufuying
Lu Fuying, a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu, is a senior industrial artist of researcher level and a great master of crafts and arts in Jiangsu Province. In September 2006, she entered the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, for the research of subject ˇ°Fiber and Su Embroideryˇ± as a domestic visiting scholar. She currently hold the posts of Deputy to the 14th NPC of Suzhou Municipality, Member of China National Arts and Crafts Society, Member of Arts and Crafts Association of Jiangsu Province, Director of Jiangsu Association of Women Enterprisers, Notable of Arts and Crafts in Jiangsu Province, Vice-chairman of Zhenhu Embroidery Association, and General Manager of Lu Fuying Su Embroidery Art Museum of Suzhou New& High-tech Development District.

  Show embroidery to the NPC (hits:4606) 2009/10/30
  The story of LU Fuying and Deng Xiaoping's embroidery (hits:4498) 2009/10/30
  "Qing Song Bin" completed (hits:6021) 2009/10/30
  Double embroidery outlining Life (hits:5328) 2009/10/30
  Show the new world out of the window (hits:4635) 2009/10/30
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